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“It’s my mission to end [the] stigma,” Brooks said.

While professional wrestling has been dubbed “fake,” the injuries Brooks, now 30, sustained throughout her career are very real.She chronicled this lesson in her memoir entitled, “Crazy is my Superpower: How I Triumphed by Breaking Bones, Breaking Hearts, and Breaking the Rules.” “I’ve learned in my life that the things that people think are going to be my flaws and hold me back -- whether that’s me being loud, or impulsive, or short, or ugly, or poor, skinny – those are going to be my greatest strengths and when I decided to put my life story out into the world I needed to share what my secret weapon all along has been and that was my bipolar disorder,” Brooks told Fox News.Her very candid and raw book sheds light on her struggles with bipolar disorder, which the Mayo Clinic defines as a mental health condition where the person experiences extreme mood swings, from emotional, manic highs to deep depression.Other sources close to the wrestler confirmed that he had been hampered by some nagging injuries, ones that accumulated through the thousands of hours he put in between the independent wrestling circuit and his breakthrough in the WWE.CM Punk hasn’t spoken publicly about his reasons for leaving the WWE, but did say in an interview earlier this year that he’s happy being retired.

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