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Thomas Beatie is represented by the Cantor Law Group, and TLC’s amicus brief was submitted with the pro bono assistance of Claudia Work of the Campbell Law Group.

Buck Angel is represented by Alana Chazan of Baumer & Chazan Law Group, LLP, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights co-wrote the amicus brief in that case.

With some 30 bars and clubs catering to the GLBT community, Phoenix is the gay nightlife hub of the Southwest and has one of the largest selections of gay bars in the nation.

Marriages of Transgender People Ruled Valid by Courts in Arizona and California Transgender Law Center celebrated two rulings this week that affirm the legal recognition of gender identity as well as transgender people’s right to marry and have children.The court ruled that Buck was legally male, and that Louisiana law would recognize this as a marriage between a man and a woman.Buck Angel said, “I was shocked that my manhood was brought into question after I had been living my authentic life as a man for over 20 years and having done my best to get all my documents changed.Richard Hernandez before his transition, pictured with his 'Mama' Amalia C.Valdez in Texas (left) and in fancy dress in 1998 (right).

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