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“Picking up pizza from Antico, along with Champagne, and going to Piedmont Park at sunset to eat.

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I am completely self employed and help others do the same I like karaoke, dancing, mixed drinks, healthy living (trying vegan but not there yet) greenage, camping, hiking, rock climbing, and sea food Hi, I am Danyel. I am much more a "you gotta see it to believe it"...

I just moved to Cartersville, Ga about 3 months ago. My hobby right now is work basically because I do not know a lot of people to do things with.

YES75% BESTS AND WORSTSA frequently cited plus of Atlanta’s dating scene is diversity. JAMES27% say their love lives most mirror FIRST DATE38% prefer drinks35% prefer dinner STOOD UP90% claim they’ve never done it69% claim they’ve never had it done to them YA MEET PEOPLE IN THE STRANGEST PLACES29% dated someone met at a bar10% dated someone met at church Woman: “I met someone at Sister Louisa’s and it turned into this incredible six-hour-long date full of some of the best conversation I’ve ever had.

“Since Atlanta attracts lots of different types of people from all over the place (including myself), you can find someone who’s your ‘type’ just about anyplace you go,” noted one respondent. We moved to cocktails and dancing at Sound Table and ended with late-night slices and some great good night kisses.” Man: “Homemade dinner, pregame at CNN Center, concert at Phillips Arena, stroll through Centennial Olympic Park, late-night dancing and sushi at Primal, movie at my house.” Woman: “He took me to the Rusty Nail on Buford Highway because I said it didn’t have to be anything too fancy.” Man: “Listening to hipsters read elementary schoolers’ essays as they drink PBR at the Goat Farm.

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