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(Bob Jones finally dropped that ban in 2000.) Chief Justice John Roberts likewise noted that the decision could affect everything from married-couple housing to benefits for gay employees’ families, writing in his dissent that “there is little doubt that these and similar questions will soon be before this Court.”As of now, it’s still largely unclear how will be interpreted on the religious-liberty front—particularly when it comes to the federal funding that provides a large portion of these schools’ operating budgets.

Some analysts are skeptical of predictions that the institutions tax-exempt status will change.

The college’s chaplain’s office also hired Julie Rodgers, who has publicly called herself a “gay Christian” and argues that there’s no scriptural prohibition against seeking non-sexual intimacy with people of the same sex.

“Just like a heterosexual orientation can’t be reduced to a desire for straight sex,” she wrote on her blog, “a gay orientation can’t be reduced to a desire for gay sex.” But news broke Monday evening that Rodgers has resigned from the college.

Meanwhile, it appears that some evangelical colleges are tentatively opening up to discussions about new LGBT policies. For example, Illinois’s Wheaton College, Billy Graham’s alma mater, recently hosted a spirited debate about the topic on campus.While a few evangelical colleges have changed their same-sex policies—for example, Hope College in Michigan will now offer benefits to gay married couples—most theologically conservative Christian colleges are quietly resisting efforts to admit openly gay students.Cedarville is part of a subset of schools that are actively involved in efforts to retain traditional policies against homosexuality.“The Bible teaches that God designed sexual activity to be enjoyed inside the voluntary bounds of a biblical marriage,” said Cedarville University’s president, Thomas White, in an email.Yet others say that schools will inevitably have to amend their policies to remain eligible for the funding.“It seems to me very likely that, in the coming years, schools and universities that accept public funds and support will be required—as a condition of those funds—to have nondiscrimination rules that forbid discrimination on sexual-orientation grounds,” said Rick Garnett, a professor who oversees the Program on Church, State & Society at Notre Dame’s law school, in an email.

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