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To further protect your identity, use a stage-name when performing on the network and don’t give away and information that can personally identify you or your location.

If you want to get into the adult industry, but don’t want to perform on camera, sex talking or sexting might be the perfect career for you.

If you can’t connect, it’ll inform the customer without transferring them to your voicemail (for privacy reasons).

Two great ways to get paid as a phone sex operator.

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Can't say that I liked it, but then I don't care for penetration. I thought maybe a machine might be able to achieve something that a person can't. I love penetration, and I like it hard and fast, so I'd like to try a machine.

This allows you to work your own hours and only accept calls and texts when you’d like.

Some networks automatically forward calls to your mobile phone (your numbers always kept private) and will only connect if you’re able to take the call.

Now it’s possible to get paid as an adult performer without even having to appear on camera!

With the rise of sexting and sex calling, several networks have been created that allow adult performers to accept texts and phone calls without having to give out their phone number!

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