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As a result, he now has been successful with the following process: he has synthesised complementary DNA from the messenger RNA of a chicken B cell line, using special semi-random primers for reverse transcription.

Moreover, the people here are relaxed and easy-going and the food is nice.The guide sequences represented over 90 per cent of the annotated chicken genes and multiple guide sequences were generated from the same gene.When he transduced a surface Ig M-expressing chicken B cell line with lentiviral clones that contained guide sequences targeting the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene Cµ, he was able to disrupt surface Ig M expression.I would like to uncover, for example, the genetic basis of the extraordinary regeneration ability of planaria, the cancer resistance of naked mole rats or the extended life span of red sea urchins,” he explained.“With my method, even some forgotten species might be converted into attractive genetic models.” Since 2011, Arakawa has been a Principal Investigator and staff scientist with Marco Foiani at the IFOM, the Molecular Oncology Institute of the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research in Milan, Italy.

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