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Pornography can be defined as the depiction of explicit sexual activity or content, for the purpose of sexual excitement.Like prostitution, an implied exchange of values, physical or monetary, takes place within and around the pornographic image.In this process they revealed to their creator, Dr.

The works cited below were not featured in the panel presentation, but are referred here as framing devices or examples of the complex ways in which artists have dealt with cybersex.The ubiquity and fluidity of how these frameworks operate today might be indicative of the liquid nature of cyber-identities.Doug Ischar’s video , which was shown as part of the panel that this article is based upon, presented a quiet but powerful contemplation on the intricacies of intimacy.It is safe to assume that some of the users/consumers/viewers/enablers for all this content are artists, though there seemed to be a much larger interest with the weather and the environment than in sex at the CAA conference.Considering the democratization of production, marketing, and distribution the Internet now offers (think of,, et cetera), as well as its “socialization” or collective mentality (,, to name a few), Stephanie Rothenberg, Jeff Crouse and Michael Schieben, with propose that collective spending, as well as creating, might be the new strategy for the customization and visualization of cyber pleasure.

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