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Click Property Info from the menu on the left to view or download your online lease documents. What type of bank account can I use to pay by e Check?You can use a personal or business checking or savings account.Make sure to enter the routing and account number exactly as they appear on your checks and confirm the account has sufficient funds before paying.Is there a maximum amount I can pay with an e Check payment?This is in place to comply with current card network regulations.You are notified of the fee amount when you select the Credit or Debit card payment option, and are given the option to switch to e Check.Tenants can pay 2x their monthly rent charge or ,000 in a single credit/debit card payment, whichever sum is greater.If 2x their monthly rent charge exceeds ,000, they cannot pay more than ,000 in a single payment.

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You can also see record of your payments on the Account Ledger in your Online Portal. How do I update my electronic signature for signing documents?Please note, if your monthly charge amount increases or if you start paying for a new unit in the same Online Portal, the max allowed for a credit or debit card payment will not change.This only applies to payments made via credit or debit card, so you can switch to e Check to pay a larger amount in one payment.e Check payments appear as "[your management company]".Credit or debit card payments plus the online portal convenience fee appear as “AF* [your management company].” Can I get a printed receipt for my payment?

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