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He apologised profusely for coughing throughout the interview, “you guys are going to hear so much of that coughing in the recording” and admitted to being a little geeky for loving photography app, Instagram, “we both take lots of Instagram photos!

Adams played the gentleman card, and was charming to a fault when he was in Singapore last week for a promotional trip for his TV series.

”, alluding to his girlfriend, Troian Bellisario of fame, who was here with him.

The 31-year-old actor couldn’t stop raving about our country too, “Gardens by The Bay was beautiful!

(Rachel Zane is Ross’ love interest on the show) PA: I don’t think we’d have time to have her play a rival to Rachel, unless it was for one quick episode. Once we got the roles, we sat down and got very specific about how we both wanna work, taking egos out of it and doing good work.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you what she’d play, but it will probably be some amazingly smart, beautiful intern that makes her way to the office and makes Mike’s life miserable for a minute - like most of the women on the show. And once we got a sense that we were both on the same wavelength, we ended up being inseparable for the first two months. We have a great working relationship because we’re the two youngest people on the show.

PA: I think I root for the underdog quite often, sometimes to a fault.

Plus, Mike Ross tends to focus on one problem and nitpicks it and I kinda share that with him. PA: In high school, if I saw someone getting beaten up, or getting picked on, I would always step in and do my best to get the bully’s attention. PA: Yeah, I got beaten up a couple of times in high school ‘cause I was never one of the cool kids.

If you watch the first season, I’m usually slumping in my suit ‘cause I didn’t really know how to hold myself, and as I progress through the season, I’ve started to learn how to and I’m starting to enjoy it a lot more. Suits S2 airs every Monday at 8pm on DIVA Universal (Star Hub TV Ch 512).I just spend a lot of time reading it out loud and I really love working on the material.We kinda have a competition (on set) to see who memorises it the fastest.HWP: Can we talk abit about how you and Troian met? We did a play together in LA called shoot 25 episodes a year – so she’s got a lot of work to do, so if we could find a way to get her, I know that everybody would love it, but it might be a tough call, considering the schedules.HWP: Do you think she would be cast as Rachel’s rival? We hit it off right away even though we didn’t have any chemistry reads together, which was interesting.

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