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In the longer-term, investment in oil and gas remain essential to meet demand and replace declining production, but the growth in renewables and energy efficiency lessens the call on oil and gas imports in many countries.Increased LNG shipments also change how gas security is perceived.Taflotan® sine darf nicht während der Stillzeit verwendet werden.This web uses cookies to enhance your user experience and that of third parties derived from your use of our web, of social media, as well as to improve the usability and information of it with Google Analytics. If you continue to navigate we consider that you accept their use.“Renewables make very large strides in coming decades but their gains remain largely confined to electricity generation,” said Dr Birol.The world economy continues its transformation as companies’ global operating footprints evolve based on new opportunities, challenges and technology.“We see clear winners for the next 25 years – natural gas but especially wind and solar – replacing the champion of the previous 25 years, coal,” said Dr Fatih Birol, the IEA's executive director.

But meeting more ambitious climate goals will be extremely challenging and require a step change in the pace of decarbonization and efficiency.

Sonstige Bestandteile: Glycerol, Natriumdihydrogenphosphat-Dihydrat, Natriumedetat, Polysorbat 80, Salzsäure und/oder Natriumhydroxid zur p H-Einstellung, Wasser für Injektionszwecke.

Anwendungsgebiete: zur Senkung des erhöhten Augeninnendrucks bei Offenwinkelglaukom und okulärer Hypertension; als Monotherapie bei Patienten, für die Augentropfen ohne Konservierungsmittel besser geeignet sind oder die nur unzureichend auf die Therapie erster Wahl ansprechen oder die die Therapie erster Wahl nicht vertragen oder Kontraindikationen dafür aufweisen; als Zusatzmedikation zu Betablockern.

However, oil demand from passenger cars declines even as the number of vehicles doubles in the next quarter century, thanks mainly to improvements in efficiency, but also biofuels and rising ownership of electric cars.

Coal consumption barely grows in the next 25 years, as demand in China starts to fall back thanks to efforts to fight air pollution and diversify the fuel mix.

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