Leo woman dating older leo man

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As much as she wants you to wrap your arms around her and be held, she also needs long moments to hold herself, for a Leo feels so deeply at times she wonders if it is a blessing or a curse.So to love a Leo, you must first love yourself; let the space in your togetherness be like the sea and in her rhythm, you will learn the meaning of a heart roar. He sees right through her "tough, independent, I don't need anybody" act.He will like organizing their life together, and saving her from herself.(The idea of this might make you recoil, but please know that she has made it her practice to spill open—and so while she doesn’t expect you to make it yours too, there is a certain kind of give and take that offers balance to every union.So, from time-to-time, honor her—and more importantly, you.He is a lot more practical than she will ever be, but she will have energy that makes him look like a lazy bum.Eventually he will slow her down, and she will loosen him up. She has an excitement about her that everyone wants to be around, and his sunny and pleasant disposition matches hers. See, glitter without light isn't really anything special at all. Aries is known to fall a few times, but he will be more than to catch her.

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She will bow down and touch her forehead to the ground often, in an act of reverence, gratitude and prayer—and she will understand that the breeze that whistles through treetops carries with it messages meant just for her.

She will stay there, and ask you to stay with her, until it is time to pick herself up, again.

Your presence will fill her heart with gratitude, and she may even slide her hand into yours, or lay her head on your shoulder, and let out a mighty sigh—she is shy when it comes to this sort of thing—accepting the support she so desperately craves and fears, so let it unfold, slowly and carefully.) You will hear rumors about the lioness you have your eye on; they will say that she likes to be the center of attention and that she demands riches and gold.

They will say a Leo is happiest with the weight of ten thousand jewels around her neck and that her ego rules her heart—and they will tell you that this feline is proud and does not like to be reckoned with.

In everything, there is a grain of truth; trust that the one you love is as rare as they come; her heart rules all and so that this can’t be argued with, she will wear it, without apology, on her sleeve.

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