How to increase a womans interest in dating you

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If a fling is your goal you'll be better served by using bold pick-up lines, making short-term and sexual conversation, increasing the intimacy of your touching, kissing passionately, and quickly finding out your partner's motivations for having sex.But if you want to gauge whether a partner cares about you for more than just a fling, play hard to get—a little—and see whether they care enough to invest more in you, too.I have also explored research confirming that teasing someone in such ways increases desire, but decreases friendly feelings—along with the general benefits of making a partner work for your affections, too.

After all, sometimes you have to let the other person "catch" you to reward their chasing.

They are particularly helpful when you have been too nice and feel overlooked, when your partner is not grateful, or when you are trying to escape "the friend zone." Remember: The objective is to be "moderately" hard to get and selective, not inaccessible and off-limits.

This is especially true when you want to establish or maintain a longer-term relationship.

Nevertheless, for those interested in playing hard to get, it takes some finesse, the right timing, and the proper balance.

As other research notes, the approach of playing hard to get is a trade-off between desire and frustration—pulling the potential partner in and then pushing them away.

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