Herb alpert tijuana brass dating game

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A great arrangement which shows that even the songs of the 1940's sound good in modern arrangements! Though any number of their greatest hits collections should suffice most music fans, this album, like the shaving cream applied to the model on the album cover, is the one album of theirs that covers most of the bands sexiestits. I'm talking about the place in the low-income section of town where you can buy a record, some dishes, a broken toy and someone's old shoes all at once. It takes a hardy soul to keep up the thrift store habit. My record-flipping hand was injured in a terrible Mitch Miller-related accident years ago and now I spend my Saturdays in the park feeding the birds. As for Herb Alpert and his arrangements of the day's hits and standards, the sleeve art is the obvious selling point here. As Alpert plays his trumpet on bouncy versions of the likes of "Tangerine" and "Lemon Tree", guys across the generations have surely played their own fleshy trumpets as they studied the cover model's whipped cream-covered breasts and suggestive pose.

When you see this album in a thrift store, you buy it. It's like a membership card into the club of cheap-bin record hunters (all of us have it). If you've only read about thrift store record-shopping, you might think that these places are wonderlands of one-dollar oddities. If you see me in a thrift store at all these days it's because I need a suit or a coffee table. Yes, to own a used copy of this LP is to own something that someone possibly masturbated to and even .

THREE BEST TRACKS - A Taste of Honey, Whipped Cream, Lollipop and Roses ALBUM COVER - One of my fave.

The girl covered in whipped cream has been quoted many times in many different types of art form. This is the one that has the big food related hits, Whipped Cream, Lemon Tree, A Taste of Honey! Lounge singers live on stage from the Twilight Zone. Most of the time, all you find are Barbra Streisand, Boz Scaggs and dead bugs (personally, I'd rather buy the dead bugs).

It gets in the way of expanding one's take on art by giving us that safe zone allowing us to avoid any need to look beyond, but I'm allowing myself the nostalgia with the TJB for one reason, my dad.

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The only common artist we shared was the TJB, and while normally I'd have likely moved on from them after my dad passed away I found myself wanting to hang on to whatever things we had in common, and thus I sought out this and a couple of other albums.

Anyway, one thing that's really great about this cover being so beloved is that it can be quite easy to get a copy of the album in more or less unplayed condition, as mine seems to be.

That's pretty important, as Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass emerged from the same movement that brought us the brilliant space age bachelor pad music of Esquivel, so a hi-fi sound is absolutely essential to the recording's purpose.

I had only heard A Taste of Honey before I listened to anything else, and I would not be lying if I said that the cover and this song alone were the only reasons I picked up the album (I mean the album cover is so good that Alpert himself, when he played these tunes live, would apologise and go like 'sorry we can't play the cover for you').

I put the record in the vinyl player and the drums for A Taste of Honey started playing. The way the song stops and builds up again as absolutely magnificent.

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