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Connors arranged to take her out to dinner later that week and their first date finished at that louche hangout the Playboy Club.Two years later they both won Wimbledon and shortly afterwards the golden couple of tennis got engaged.The shots have built him a legion of new female admirers, but friends say it all means nothing to Greg – who only has eyes for wife Kirsten.‘Getting praise from Elle “The Body” Macpherson is an ego boost to any guy, and Greg’s no different,’ says an insider. It was love at first sight when they met in 2009 – and nothing’s changed.’ For the full story, see this week’s New Idea – Out now.Evert was just 17 when Jimmy Connors, then an up-and-coming 19-year-old, spotted her in the dining room at Queen’s, the London tennis club that hosts the traditional warm-up tournament to Wimbledon.

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The couple would sleep over at each other’s houses.Mill, 55, who recently asked Aspen homemaker Debra Harvick, 40, to marry him, tells PEOPLE, “Now that Greg is out of the picture, we are all fine, and I am ecstatic.Debra and I are always there for the children, and Chrissy and I are friends.” Mill spent three years anguishing over the betrayal by his wife and best friend.The 62-year-old - who’s happily married to wife Kirsten – made the decision after Elle reached out to him on a recent social media post, which re-opened the lines of communication.‘Greg can’t believe that someone as successful, gorgeous, fun and smart as Elle has had her heart broken again,’ a source close to the golfer reveals.

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