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But you’re anxious to actually get to the reading so I will now cut to the chase and do some quick housekeeping matters. Since I don’t get paid for this and these stories leave me pretty empty as a human being by the time they’re done I could sure use feedback about these stories and what you think of them.

Feel free to e-mail me at to let me know what you think. And now, the disclaimers: This is absolutely 1,000% a work of fiction.

She’d apparently passed out on the rug and the sunlight that had woken her up was streaming in not from her bedroom window but from the doors that led out to the pool.

She was nowhere near her own bed and she couldn’t remember why she was there.

Her journey through the mansion provided no answers either, just more questions.

She was sticky and had grime from exertion all over her.

She badly needed a shower but she needed to figure out first what had happened.

While that passed quickly, the sense of dread inside her did not. And even scarier than what she thought she tasted on her lips was the fact that she couldn’t remember anything about the night before.

She smacked her lips when she noticed they were dry and appeared to be coated with a residue of some kind. It was coming back in little snippets but there was no coherent picture in her mind. Sarah was still groggy as she tried to walk and the more she tried to remember what had happened the harder it was to picture things.

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