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But when he came downstairs she was already awake and he ‘chastized’ her for not being asleep.

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there was no penile penetration.’Asked if he was afraid that Constand and her mother might used this information to ‘extort, embarrass or humiliate’ him he said ‘Yes.’ Asked if he had been extorted or blackmailed before he said ‘Yes’. When asked if that fear is what prompted him to offer to pay for Constand’s education he conferred with lawyers then did not answer.

When asked what medication he had given Constand he told her mother he would have to check the prescription bottles and but that he could not read the labels.

Mrs Constand said: ‘He promised me he was going to send me the name of the medication.

Cosby claimed that he always initiated sexual contact but that Constand had only once told him to stop.

He said they had been kissing and he lifted her shirt and took out her breasts.

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