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Analysis of social network profiles can also predict personality traits such as emotional stability, life satisfaction, impulsivity, depression and sensationalist interest.Similarly, personality traits can be inferred from information about the websites someone has visited, as well as from phone call records and data about mobile app usage.Digital tracking and profiling, in combination with personalization, are not only used to monitor, but also to influence peoples’ behavior....compare the relationship between data companies and individuals to a “game of poker where one of the players has his hand open and the other keeps his cards close”.Some also draw on information on how someone fills out an online form or navigates on a website, the grammar and punctuation of one’s text messages, and the battery status on said individual’s phone.

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Large companies, including Master Card, the mobile network provider Telefonica, the credit reporting agencies Experian and Equifax, as well as the Chinese search giant Baidu, have started to partner with such startups.Nobody knows whether it plans to turn this total integration of social networking, marketing, and risk assessment into reality.Data companies and insurers are working on programs that use information on consumers’ everyday lives to predict their health risks.Contact » In 2007, Apple introduced the smartphone, Facebook reached 30 million users, and companies in online advertising started targeting ads to Internet users based on data about their individual preferences and interests.Ten years later, a vast landscape of data companies has emerged that consists not only of large players such as Facebook and Google but also of thousands of other businesses from various industries that continuously share and trade digital profiles with each other.

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