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We should feel happy and unfettered when with our husbands.

The entire message she gives is very sex-positive, that this is important in marriage, and that it should be a source of closeness and fun for both partners.

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Rabbis Learned or Teach about Sexuality 1) Those classes explicitly taught that I (as a woman) should expect sex according to the frequency I choose, that sex was holy and good, that it invited G-d and blessing into our marriage, and that if its frequency drops below night plus both Shabboses during the “on time,” we should talk about it because that could be a sign something is wrong in our marriage, such as grudge-holding, stress-level, or even health problems.The advice was “It’s important to be a lady everywhere you go, except in the bedroom.In the bedroom, you should be completely teacher was not the most descriptive as far as what to do, but she did tell me that sex is incredibly pleasurable.She identified signs of abuse by the way and told us how to find help if necessary.3) My husband learned from his ultra-Orthodox before her friend got married and some of the (Orthodox) women in the community came over to give advice to the new bride.

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