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Though they were initially anonymous, but in the late 1990s, a few of the original group have come forward with their real names. But how exactly did the term make its way from a local term to a global holiday?The flier that Bloom and others received at the Oakland Grateful Dead concert may have been the catalyst that launched "420" from local Northern California underground slang to the central day for major marijuana celebrations and protests throughout the world.The flier urged its readers to celebrate 4/20 as "the grandmaster of all holidays," when they should meet up with friends to smoke pot together at p.m. [5 Pot Facts for 4/20] Bloom wrote about the flier in High Times magazine, and the idea soon took off, he said.But the police-origin story was off the mark, as that is not the code used for a marijuana bust."We didn't know we were creating history at the time, it was just a private joke we were telling between ourselves," said Dave Reddix, one of the original waldos, who is now an independent filmmaker in San Francisco.The Grateful Dead lived in San Rafael at the same time as the Waldos, and the group sometimes hung out in "deadhead" circles, even lingering backstage after shows.

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Gradually, their terminology spread through the Grateful Dead community into the wider stoner culture, Bloom said.

The Waldos not only spoke with an editor at High Times (not Bloom) and signed statements attesting the truth of their story, but they also provided documents, such as old letters referring to marijuana by its numerical nickname, old high-school newspapers using the term, and even a "420," batik-dyed marijuana flag, according to 420 Coast Guard member, who is now homeless, and finally found the location of the original pot, Reddix said.

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