Dating in your fourties

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And here is my take away from more than a week’s worth of obsessive media coverage about 40s faces like mine: Whatever you do, don’t get old. BUT if you get surgery and have Botox or fillers injected in your face, you will look visibly different and be mocked and ridiculed for it.Looking your age is not OK because to look old or even ‘your age’ (whatever that means) is the worst thing that can happen to you.Tip #4: Evaluate If You Are Ready Make sure that you are 100% positive ready to date.Do not harbor doubtful feelings, because doing so can hurt your dating experience.

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Last week, I watched with growing astonishment as Renee Zellweger’s 45-year-old face and the obsessive global speculation about it blasted all other news stories out of the way. And this week, 46-year-old Julia Roberts confessed that she’d “taken a big risk” ” in her career by not having a facelift in her 40s.

We’ll add your pictures to our gallery of excellent women.

Many people dating in their forties feel as if they are lost and don’t know what to do or how to start.

How I should or shouldn’t look and what I might or mightn’t do to turn back time? The reason women seek out pictures of other women in media and on Instagram is that we’re absorbing a constant stream of unspoken messages about how we’re meant to look. “You don’t look 43” is something I long to hear and I don’t even know why because I am 43 and this is what 43 looks like FOR ME. They’re the result of a million facial expressions and choices and experiences.

Take a look at the many faces of 40-somethings in the public eye: For you, for your sister, your girlfriend, your workmate, your boss, it might look entirely different. Now we just need more space and less scrutiny so we can enjoy the freedom and power that arriving in your 40s brings with it. Add to our collection of faces by uploading your own selfie to Facebook or Instagram and hashtagging #MM40s.

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