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Such logistical shortcomings fail those affected; Hamler-Fugitt says that there is an undeniable need for state and federal programs to step up and fill in these gaps to assistance.“The USDA should require that before anyone’s cut off, they’re thoroughly assessed to ensure we understand if they have a disability, and are given the treatment necessary,” she says.Since the provision came into effect on April 1, SNAP participation rates have dramatically decreased. Broadly speaking, dwindling SNAP participation denotes good things for the economy: during the height of the recession, the number of people receiving food stamp benefits rose drastically, peaking in December 2012 at 47.8 million.Participation rates have since fallen by 4.2 million as the job market regained its footing; caseloads are now at their lowest since 2010.“Just because you decide to cut people off or disenroll them in basic-needs benefits, they don’t leave our communities,” she says.

“This is a mean-spirited public policy,” Hamler-Fugitt says.

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Those hold that unemployed adults between the ages of 18 and 49—without dependents or disabilities—must be limited to only three months of benefits within a 36-month period, unless they find work or are enrolled in a job-training or community service program for at least 20 hours a week.

During the recession, most states applied for and were granted waivers; those in need received monthly food stipends regardless of employment status.

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