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The objective of the journal is to meet the perceived need of the international research community for a scientific journal in the area of international, comparative and regional (e.g.European) taxation with a legal and an economic perspective.Because scholarly articles represent high quality research and rigorous review, be sure to include them in your research.You will find a more extensive definition of refereed articles at What Is a Refereed/Peer-Reviewed Article.

It is further ranked as “B” on the Australian Business Deans Council List (2013).Read more The journal’s authors are mainly drawn from the worldwide community of tax academics in law and economics, policymakers and professionals in addition to IBFD staff. Pasquale Pistone Academic Chairman, IBFD, Netherlands Prof. João Nogueira Adjunct to the Academic Chairman, IBFD, Netherlands Prof. A special effort is made to enable young authors to publish their work, provided they meet the editorial standards. In the results list, if a referee's-shirt icon appears next to the journal title, then it is refereed and scholarly.You can double-check by opening the record and look for the word Yes next to the heading Refereed.

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